"Canal Lock #8"

Canal Lock #8  is an archival pigment print.  The negative was made with the Peanut Can camera on 3x11” photographic paper.  I can’t recall the exposure time, but it was likely several minutes.  The aperture is F359 with a yellow filter.  I scanned the negative and used Photoshop to adjust tone and contrast.  This negative is unprintable as a contact print and is a good example of how the digital process can save an otherwise lost image.

The diameter (focal length) of the can is 5 inches and so the photo paper lies in a sharp curve along the inside.  This curve accounts for the sweeping distortion that is so pleasing in this shot.  I tilted the camera to include the length of the lock end to end and thus enhanced the distortion.

Prints are signed and numbered by the artist.

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