Ed and Marti's House Building Project
Wasche Road, Dickerson, Maryland
March 2001 to April 2004

Mart looks on while Donny racks the pieces before nailing. This is3 1/4" randon length #1 Common Red Oak flooring not the more prevalent Select grade. The difference is that Select has no knots and very straight grain and #1 Common has small knots and lots of grain that we think gives the floor a special character, and it's cheaper. Marti is standing on nailed flooring.

Another view of the kitchen looking back to the family room area.

A laborer applies polyurethane varnish. We like the natural look so we did not stain the wood but only used varnish, 3 coats. This will yellow in time to a beautiful golden glow.

Marti's studio. We got a deal on some southern yellow pine flooring and because Mart will be spilling paints and stuff on the floor we will leave it unfinished so it can get that Parisian art loft/studio look....

Craig Wilcox hangs one of our ceiling fans. The finished oak floors are covered in brown paper to help protect them.

Dale Kerns, the plumber, prepares the pump for setting in the well.

Marti helps Dale straigthen out the wires for the well pump.

Boy are we hands on people or what? Dales and his crew have just finished lowering 400 feet of pipe down the well. Ed helps out....

It's been a long day for Mart and she enjoys sitting in the late afternoon sun.


More updates....
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