Ed and Marti's House Building Project
Wasche Road, Dickerson, Maryland
March 2001 to December 2003

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This is how we found the place in November 2000. Abandoned as a homesite in 1979 after the log cabin home burned down, the old farmstead lay to rot and become overgrown for 21 years. The wild roses, greenbriar, poison ivy and trashy trees reclaimed the land and we had quite a fight to claim it back.

This is the view from the other side of the barn and is generally what we faced over 12 acres.

The old shed that blew down one day was just at the barn. I am standing in the barn door and in what is now our living room.

This is the old well head. It had been capped off and was useless as well and was a danger for small children so we removed it. Behind is the state of our large field as we found it. We had to mow it clear.

Here is our pond field. The place is wet nearly all year long and someday we will restore the pond and garden it as a marsh garden. It's called going with the flow. Pun intended.....

Looking out the barn door towards what is now our front yard and driveway.

Part of the clearing process was to clean up all the weeds and debris from the buildings that blew down. Fire was the only cost effective way to accomplish this. Yes, we had a permit...

It got really hot, but eventually the fires were out and we could get on with planting grass.

Another view of Marti's future nursery....

This is how we looked for months after a long day clearing and burning..... Our good friends stuck with us though....

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