Ed and Marti's House Building Project
Wasche Road, Dickerson, Maryland
March 2001 to December 2003

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After nearly two and a half years, we finally began the first stages of building our home. In September, Easterday Well Drillers arrived and poked a hole for us. By the way, can you see the difference in the condition of the place?

Bruce the well driller guy, drilled down and struck water at 125 feet. It was a paltry 5 gallons/min so we kept going down, every 100 feet was costing us about $1000. At 300 feet we still had only 5 gallons/min. so I decided to go deeper one more time. It's only money right? We struck water again at 325 feet at 20 gallons/min and we stopped at 400 feet. The pressure and strength of this aquifer is such that it pushes the water up the pipe to within 5 feet of the well head. Yeah!

This is the first of three drill bits Bruce used to drill the hole.

Here is the house site just before excavation started. The stakes mark the corners and elevations. The old barn was right in front of me and the pile is what is left of the last firepiles.

The Official Unofficial Groundbreaking. There were Martini's later... :)

The septic system went in first and the sand mound it runs to looks like.....

this.. The sand and gravel absorbs the liquid from the tank and "cleans" it as it percolates down into the soil. It all gets covered with clay and topsoil and in the spring we will plant wildflower seed. I bet they will grow too!

We got our permits on October 24th and right away Wayne Rhodes started to dig. Three days it took because he hit hard red shale and chipped away at it forever..... Winter is coming way too fast and we have a late start for such a big project. I am trusting alot in the luck of the Irish.....

Wayne works at the rock....

Finally ready for footings, the forms are up and the concrete trucks arrive in the morning. The hole is only 4 inches shallower than we planned.

Chris of Compass Concrete oversees the laborers.

That truck has 9 cubic yards of concrete in it and he backs right up to the edge of my hole.

This is a panorama of the jobsite and hole the day before the foundation walls were formed up.

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