Ed and Marti's House Building Project
Wasche Road, Dickerson, Maryland
March 2001 to December 2003

Page Three

The wall forms are erected and filled with re-bar on a day with sustained 40mph winds and gusts to 60mph. Tough work for smallish laborers or anybody else for that matter....

Finally, the walls are formed up, 9 feet tall, 10 inches thick, 273 ft of wall. !

It was a tense three hours to see if enough concrete had been ordered to completely fill the forms.

9 trucks and 80 yards of concrete.

In the end, there was only a couple of wheelbarrow loads extra. We stopped sweating and started smiling! The walls were poured and here Jimmy smooths out the top.

A rubberized asphalt coating is sprayed on the outside walls and below you can see fiberglass panels on the coating to help direct groundwater down to the perimeter drains.

With the walls poured and the forms stripped, the groundwork of perimeter and sub-slab drains covered with gravel is done. Here are the perimeter drains underneath gravel and rosin paper. These direct groundwater and rainwater away from the foundation wall.

These drains are to help keep the basement slab and areaway dry.

This areaway is going to be at the bottom of the basement stair entrance into the house.

Now with all the drains installed and the steel beams in place it is time to begin pouring the basement slab. The weather is starting to close in on us fast as it is late November.

Finally, we pour the slab. Work started at 7am, the last of 33 yards of hot concrete came off the truck at 11:30 and the rest of the day was spent finishing the slab. At 7:30 that night Chris, Wayne and I covered the still soft slab with plastic while the first flakes of a 10" snowfall came down.

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