Ed and Marti's House Building Project
Wasche Road, Dickerson, Maryland
March 2001 to December 2003

Page Four

The next morning Marti and I started shoveling to clear the foundation and slab of snow. It took all day because...

we also had to shovel off the lumber and wall panels so the framers could begin work the next day.

The floor joists and subfloor go on in one day and.....

after that is done...

Ernie and the crew start setting the panels on the decking. This system is one big lego puzzle.

The first panels to be erected are the chimney chase, then...

everything else begins to fall into place, so to speak.

The house goes up quickly, but the winter weather is upon us. Very cold nights, storms every 3 days followed by high winds, a nice day and then more rain or snow. It won't be under cover too soon.

Today as I write this it is Saturday, December 20th, 2003 and while the photos are still in-camera, the first and second floors are completed and on Monday we will swing the roof trusses into place and begin covering the house in. I plan and hope to have it dried in before our next storm arrives on Christmas Eve. To everyone who is following this project, Marti and I wish you the very best of holiday seasons!

Today is Monday and it has been bittersweet. All our trusses are in place the house looks great and you can actually see the interior space taking shape. The bad news is that while this was going on for us, our next door neighbor's home caught fire and burned to the ground while we could only watch. He is an elderly man in his late 70's with no family and nowhere to go. He lost everything. It will be a sad Christmas.

Mark Rhodes puts the finishing touches on the basement steps. FINALLY!, I am so tired of ladders....

Ernie contemplates the sheet ice on the deck. It is called sheet ice because that is what you say when you slip on it!!

Swinging the second floor trusses two at a time...

And now the scissor trusses covering the entire family/living room and the front porch, a 46 foot span over all

Great googly moogly! Where's Barney?

Tom and Barney await the next truss...

and set it in place. Pretty soon the trusses were all in place and I was so concerned about yet another approaching rain/sleet/snow storm and being under cover, I forgot to photograph the sheeting of the roof....

Christmas Day, 2003.
Our neighbor Marlow commented to Marti that I had told him in September that we would be under roof for Christmas, and so here it is undercover and nearly dried-in. We did get wet once more the next day.

The kids and I surprised Marti with a live Christmas tree for her " first" Christmas in the new house. Here are our oldest son Scott, his girlfriend Christy and Marti on Christmas Day. Our other son Kevin and his girlfriend Amy, who made the decorations, did up the tree but could not be there for the unveiling. It was very cold and windy. Marti and I planted the tree the next dry day.

Here we are all under roof and dried in ready for the next group of trades, the HVAC and plumber.

and a view from the drive into The Property, now its official name.

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