Ed and Marti's House Building Project
Wasche Road, Dickerson, Maryland
March 2001 to January 2004


This view is from next to the front door across the family room looking east toward the eating space.

Ed is bending aluminum flashing for all 42 windows and doors. This room is the Eating space with the screened-in porch out the french doors behind him.

Out back, Tom and Ernie put the stairs on the screened-in porch.... and now back inside...

Looking back the opposite direction in the family room from the kitchen towards the fireplace and west.

Looking across to the front door, the stair landing and Marti's studio on the second floor.

and now back at the kitchen. The eating space is on the right side.

From the foyer through the dining room into the office on the left. The door on the right goes into the kitchen. The powder room. pantry and laundry are behind all the studs in the middle.

Standing in the hallway between the backdoor and laundry room looking down the "Solarium Hallway" towards the master bedroom. This view is easterly. The kitchen is on the right and the office behind you.

From nearly the same spot looking through the kitchen toward the family room.

From the top of the stairs looking at Marti's studio room and the hallway. Two bedrooms are on the right and the bath at the end of the hallway. Looking to your left you will see.....

down the stairs to the foyer and the front door. We plan to make a piece of stained glass to put in the high window to replace the Andersen label.

The weather got extremely cold 6 degrees and 20-30mph winds. On Friday Jan. 16th, the heating guys, the plumbers and the electricians all showed up to do rough-in work. Twelve men, two generators, two propane heaters, two radios playing different music and lots of yelling sawing, drilling and banging. What a racket, it should have been on TV.... But boy did they get alot of work done.

Here Russ is cutting in the hole for the shower drain in the masterbath.

More to follow soon. Today is Jan 25th and the cold weather has stayed with us for three weeks now. This may be one of the coldest Januarys on record. Snow is coming tonight....

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