Ed and Marti's House Building Project
Wasche Road, Dickerson, Maryland
March 2001 to March 2004


This view show the wiring and lights in the kitchen. The last week of January when this was taken. temps in the house were in single digits in the morning.

Marti catches me in a moment...... who know what I was thinking.

The shingles arrived on the absolute coldest morning of the winter, 5 degrees and it was windy. I don't know what these guys looked like, I never saw their faces.....Work stopped for about a week so, Marti and I, our son Scott and his girlfriend Christy and Kevin's girl Amy went south for a week to see our other son Kevin graduate from film school at Full Sail in Winter Park Florida. A welcome if short respite

Kevin graduated 4th in his class with an Associate of Film Science degree and perfect attendance record.

His Mom is proud....

Everybody is proud....

Amy, Kevin, Scott and Christy.

Back at the farm the weather has warmed some, the last snow is off the roof and John Barnhouse can finally get on the roof and begin putting on the shingles.

Anyone who knows Ed, knows watching this scene makes him weak in the knees.

A last minute addition is the skylight.

Kevin and Marti watch the roofing progress...

Kevin being Kevin again. Perhaps he has a career as a plumber in his future?

Florida seems a long ways off now.

Southern States Petroleum arrives to bury the propane tank. The ground was frozen 16" deep and . once the backhoe got through the frozen turf he hit rock..... a two hour job took all day.

and the tank is placed. 500 gallons.

Today is March 7th and spring seems to be here early. We heard one peeper in the pond on the Second and many more the next day seemed to wake up. The Daffodils have poked their noses up, as well as the Skunk Cabbage and a groundhog has dug a new hole in the yard. A string of days in the 60's and 70's has got things going now and I hope the worst of a long winter is over. I cannot tell you what a relief it is.

A preview of pics in the camera: Since the tank was installed the siding has gone on and it looks like a real house. The HVAC units were placed and connected. We got our county close-in inspections approved the first time through. Next we insulated the extertior walls and the drywall starts on tomorrow. Painting is scheduled for the 22nd, floors on the 25th, Kitchen cabinets early April and then appliances and tile. Trim will go up soon after that and Marti expects to move mid-April right on schedule! Stay Tuned!

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